How to avoid being a valentine's day loser

How to avoid being a valentine's day loser

When it comes to Valentine's Day, men have been known to make a few mistakes-like thinking she really doesn't like greeting cards (and they're such a waste of money) to thinking she really does like staying in and having Uber Eats deliver dinner. Uh-oh.

Whether you consider yourself a really accomplished gift-giver or you could use some guidance, here are a few gifting hints to help you be the man of her dreams this Valentine's Day (or any day).

  1. 1. Her favorite perfume. If you don't know, snoop. We know you can do it.
  2. 2. A shopping spree. We recommend Victoria's Secret. It'll be good for both of you.
  3. 3. A night at a 5-star hotel. Again, good for both of you.
  4. 4. A massage. Think couples' massage.
  5. 5. Jewelry. If this is an over commitment, see 1-4.

Once you conquer the art of giving, it's all about receiving. And let's face it-the better your gifts are to her, the better hers will be to you. There's nothing better than receiving exactly what you want from Jack Black®¬-but, please act surprised. It's always good to keep the mystery alive.

Here are a few suggestions you might want to share…

Jack's MVPs
This gift is a sign of true love. 13 of our best sellers, travel-ready and packaged in a black gift box.

  • Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20, 3.3 oz.
  • Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser, 3 oz.
  • Pit Boss® Antiperspirant & Deodorant, 2.75 oz.
  • Protein Booster Skin Serum, 2 oz.
  • Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 3 oz.
  • Face Buff Energizing Scrub, 3 oz.
  • Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser, 3 oz.
  • Supreme Cream Triple Cushion® Shave Lather, 2.6 oz.
  • Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave, 3 oz.
  • Protein Booster Eye Rescue, 0.5 oz.
  • Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25, Shea Butter & Vitamin E, 0.25 oz.
  • True Volume Thickening Shampoo, 3 oz.
  • Oil-Control Toner, 0.95 oz.

Mr. Muscles
She knows you love the gym. And she loves that you do. This set is everything you need for a great workout and an even better cool down. After all, it's all about performance-in and out of the gym.

  • Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap, 4.75 oz.
  • Dragon Ice® Pain Relieving Cream, 4 oz.
  • Dry Down® Friction-Free Powder, 6 oz.

The Balm Squad™
Good things come in threes, too. Keep those lips baby soft (she'll love that). Kiss dry, cracked, chapped lips good-bye with these emollient balms that offer superior conditioners, antioxidants, and optimum sun protection while guarding against windburn and extreme protection. One for the car, the gym bag, the office.
Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 Flavors:

  • Natural Mint & Shea Butter, 0.25 oz.
  • Basil Lemon, 0.25 oz.
  • Cucumber Lime, 0.25 oz.

Beard Grooming Kit™
Whether you rock a full beard or a two-day scruff, she loves that face of yours. This four-step grooming routine cleanses, conditions, and softens facial hair. You both win.

  • Beard Wash, 1.5 oz.
  • Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave, 1.5 oz.
  • Beard Oil, 1 oz.
  • Beard Comb

The Fresh Man™
You're a bit of a minimalist, but you love clean, fresh scents and well-taken care of skin. This is the perfect gift for a guy like you. Kind of like you're the perfect guy for her.

  • Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser, 3 oz.
  • Clean Break® Oil-Free Moisturizer, 1.5 oz.
  • Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body, 3 oz.

No Valentine this year? No worries. Be your own Valentine any day of the week and treat yourself to whatever Jack Black products your heart desires. We're thinking it's all of the above.

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